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Sewerage Services

Kibendera Sewer Treatment Plant

The company has benefited from world bank funding through Nairobi metropolitan Services improvement projects (NAMSIP) and Athi Water Works Development Agency in construction and expansion of Ruiru and Juja sewerage systems at a total cost of over KES 3.5 Billion.

Phase I Kibendera Sewer Treatment Plant

Ruiru Phase 1 sewerage project comprised construction of 57km of sewer trunk lines covering Ruiru area and a waste water treatment works with a capacity of 10,500m3/day. There are two main trunks in the system namely: Kamiti trunk and Ruiru trunk covering 26km and 31km respectively. The project covers areas of Ruiru CBD, Gitambaya, Murera, Membley, Gatong’ora and Mugutha.

The project was funded by World Bank through NaMSIP and implemented by Athi Water Services Board at a cost of 2.04 billion and was handed over to RUJWASCO in December 2016 for operations.

To realize the main objective of the sewerage system, a second phase for Ruiru sewerage network improvement was implemented in 2017/18. The project comprised construction of approximately 35km of secondary and tertiary lines and construction of 700 household connection chambers at a cost of 280 million. RUJWASCO took over operations of the sewerage system and commenced consumer connections in December 2016. The company has embarked on intensive last mile sewer connectivity exercise which was launched in Gitambaya in September 2018 and by December 2019 had connected over 2,600 households.


Juja Sewerage Project comprised construction of 33.4km of sewer line and a waste water treatment plant with a design capacity of 10,500m3/day. The system comprised of the following trunks: Mugutha trunk sewer (4.6km), Theta trunk sewer (6.1km), Thiririka trunk sewer (9.1km), Mugutha reticulation trunk (2.91km), Theta reticulation (5.6km) and interceptor trunk sewer (5.1km).

Construction works were funded by the World Bank through Nairobi Metropolitan Services Improvement Project (NaMSIP) and implemented by Athi Water Services Board at a total cost of 2.9 billion. The project covers areas of Juja, Mugutha, Kenyatta Road, Toll and Kimbo areas. Project is expected to be completed and handed over to RUJWASCO for operations by April 2020

Ruiru Waste Water Treatment Plant Operations

The Ruiru waste water treatment plant at Kibendera has been operating for the last 3 years since January 2017. The plant currently has a staff capacity of 18 comprising of: a supervisor, 4 lab technicians and 13 O&M staff. Average waste water volumes received is 2,650M3/day. The company also offers exhausting services to the WWTP

The laboratory at the WWTP helps in ensuring that the quality of the effluent meets the standards set by NEMA. The waste water parameters tested include:

– pH – Color – Suspended Solids – COD – Ammonia – Nitrate – Nitrite – Phosphorus – Sulphide – Zinc – Copper – Coliforms – BOD

Exhauster Services

Ruiru Water Sewerage Services
Ruiru Water Sewerage Services
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