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Water Production, Distribution & Supply

Water Supplies

Ruiru Water Supply – supplies water from Ruiru river whose intake and pumping station is located at Jacaranda near sasini coffee plantation. The designed capacity of the intake and pumping works is 13,000M3/day and is currently abstracting an average of 17,000M3/day. The abstracted raw water is pumped to the treatment works located 1 km from the intake works at Sasini coffee plantation. Conventional treatment of raw water through treatment processes of flocculation, sedimentation, rapid sand filtration and disinfection produces average treated water volumes of 17,000 M3/day which is then transmitted by gravity through DN 500mm ferrous iron water pipe to Ruiru town for distribution to Ruiru town, Membley estate, Gitambaya, Murera, Mugutha, Ruiru bypass and Gatongora.

Juja Water Supply – supplies water from Ndarugu river whose intake is located next to Ndarugu quarry site. Total volumes of raw water abstracted and treated is an average of 7,000M3/day equivalent to the designed capacity. The system operates on a two-stage pumping of raw water to the treatment works and pumping of treated water from treatment works to distribution network. Areas served includes: Juja town, Gachororo, Mirimaini, Highpoint, Ndarugu, Kalimoni and Weteithie.

Boreholes Water supplies:

– Mwihoko Borehole

– ACK Borehole

– Kiuu AP Borehole

– Kimbo Police Borehole

– Salama Borehole

Githurai Scheme – The area is administratively under Nairobi water supply. Kiambu county in partnership with Ruiru office has implemented pipeline extension lines for five operational boreholes to serve area residents.

Water Treatment Plants:

(a) Juja water treatment plant
(b) Ruiru water treatment plant
(c) Jacaranda water treatment plant


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